Call for participants

Are you or someone you know diagnosed with facial palsy? We would like to invite you to take part in an evaluation phase designed to check the stage assessment and content of our mobile application. 

Eye Care

A useful guide to managing eye care following a Bell’s palsy diagnosis.

What should you do if you suspect you have Bell’s palsy?

If you suspect that you have Bell’s palsy, you should visit or call your GP, alternatively, you should go to your local Accident and Emergency department as soon as possible.

The muscles of facial expression and their function

Facial muscles are different to the muscles in the rest of the body because they attach to the skin of the face as well as attaching to each other.

Bell’s Palsy Timeline

During the first week your facial muscles will be weak, and you will find that the muscles are feeling heavy and floppy.

How is Bell’s palsy diagnosed and treated?

Bell’s palsy is a diagnosis made by exclusion which means that all other possible causes have been ruled out.

What is Bell’s palsy?

People diagnosed with Bell’s palsy have not had their facial nerve severed but develop inflammation around the facial nerve.