Recovery tips


You may notice one or two tiny symptoms even though you have made a full recovery.  

Your eye

Your eye might water more than it did before you developed facial palsy.  It is nothing to worry about but using preservative free eye drops for longer might just be necessary.  

Your smile

Your smile might be very slightly different but remember that there is no such thing as a completely symmetrical face and this is certainly more so as we age.

New symptoms

If you do notice any new symptoms, for example, some facial twitching that you didn’t have before you developed facial palsy, then keeping up with your daily massage may help keep the muscles calm and relaxed.  You can always check on the health of your facial muscles by comparing the affected side with the unaffected side.  Both sides of your face should feel the same.  If in doubt talk to your GP.


Recurrence of facial palsy is unlikely but not impossible.  Bell’s Palsy can recur in a very small number of cases.  If you are concerned that you may develop a second episode of Bell’s palsy don’t panic.  Remember it is unusual but should the situation arise then you should seek medical help immediately and you will require further investigations into the underlying cause of the recurrence.


If you have health conditions that increases your risk of developing Bell’s palsy, for example, diabetes and/or high blood pressure, then it is sensible to ensure these conditions are well controlled with medication and regular medical checkups.    

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