Research project – Emotional impact

We understand that living with facial palsy is not just a physical challenge, but also an emotional and mental journey. You might feel that the world doesn’t fully see the invisible struggles you face every day. This is why we’re reaching out to you to let you know that your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical health, and we’re here to support you in both.

The Emotional Impact of Facial Palsy

Facial palsy can alter how you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world. Struggling with self-image, communication, and social interactions can lead to feelings of isolation and distress. We see these challenges, and we want to acknowledge the strength it takes to live with them every day.

Your Voice Matters: The Gap in Psychological Support

Currently, there’s a significant gap in the healthcare system regarding psychological support for people like you. We’ve noticed that many people with facial palsy are not receiving the mental health care they need. We want to change that, and your voice is crucial in this process. Without research, funding will not be allocated to improve the lives of those affected, now and in future. 

Share Your Experience

To better understand and address your needs, we’re conducting a research project focused on the psychological aspects of living with facial palsy. By taking this assessment, you can help us highlight the need for better mental health support. If you’re living with chronic facial palsy, we encourage you to complete the assessment monthly. This will give us a deeper understanding of your ongoing needs and challenges.

Immediate Help for Those in Urgent Need

While our research aims to bring long-term changes, we also recognize the immediate need for psychological support. From the assessment, if you’re in a critical situation, we will do our utmost to connect you with mental health professionals who can provide the support you need now. 

Our Report by 2024

By the end of 2024, we will compile a report based on your input and our findings. This report will not only bring to light the mental health challenges you face but will also recommend ways to improve psychological support for people with facial palsy. Our goal is to ensure that both your physical and mental health needs are addressed with care and understanding.


If you’re experiencing a crisis and need immediate support, numerous helplines are available with trained professionals prepared to offer a listening ear. They will provide a judgment-free space and assist in navigating through your emotions. A list is available on the Mind Website.