About this app

ImproveFP is a free app developed by Emteq Labs in collaboration with Facial Palsy UK for those affected by facial paralysis. It has been designed with the input of experts with over 70 years of combined experience in helping patients to manage the symptoms of facial paralysis.

The app is not a medical device but can be used to share information with your healthcare professionals. The symptoms of facial palsy may change slowly, so it is only through tracking your symptoms that you can see whether things are changing. Tracking progress over time, maintaining muscle mobility and trying to stay calm and motivated are the best ways to avoid your muscles becoming stiff and immobile.

Please help us to improve the app by providing feedback or suggestions on how we can make it better.

Meet the team 

Jackie Diels – Facial Palsy treatment expert

Jackie is an internationally recognised expert, having dedicated over 35 years to developing innovative strategies for analysing, teaching and treating facial paralysis, paresis and synkinesis.


Charles Nduka – Leading facial & plastic surgeon

Specialising in the treatment of Facial Palsy and founder of the charity Facial Palsy UK.


Catriona Neville – Facial therapist

An extended scope practitioner physiotherapist with over 19 years clinical experience, Catriona has specialised in the assessment and treatment of facial paralysis for over 13 years.


Vanessa Venables – Facial therapist

Vanessa is a speech and language therapist and has worked as a facial therapist for the last twelve years. She is a founder member of Facial Therapy Specialists UK and the facial palsy charity Facial Palsy UK.

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