Weeks 6 -12

During this time, you may have noticed that the muscles on the affected side of your face are much firmer.  When you carry out your facial massage you may find that they are stiffer when compared to the unaffected side and have become tender to touch.  Try comparing the affected side with the unaffected side (link to muscle releases).  If the muscles on the affected side of your face feel tender, thickened, shortened and/or stiffer than the unaffected side then you should start a programme of muscle releases.

If you continue to experience problems with eye closure and blinking by the end of 12 weeks then you should go to your GP and ask to be referred for a full Ophthalmology assessment, at your local hospital.  There are several interventions which may help maintain your eye health and which are non-invasive.

You should be adhering to the following rehabilitation programme:

  • Eye care
  • Facial massage
  • Facial relaxation at rest
  • Muscle releases
  • Gentle movement exercises, only if you have noticed some spontaneous movement returning.

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Beyond 16 weeks


Photo by DDP on Unsplash